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"The Gospel is only good news if it gets there in time"


Their motivation is that they get to reach their own people.


Sara and Neaty are both Cambodians and naturally have a deep desire to see their own people come to know the Creator of the universe.

They both know the language.

Sara has been preaching and teaching in the Khmer language as the Cambodian Pastor of Pacific Baptist Church in Long Beach, CA.

They know the language and culture

Both Sara and Neaty have grown up in Cambodian homes and have been fully immersed in the Cambodian culture. They will not be offended by strange scents or foods from the culture because they are Cambodians.

The Vongs know the Khmer language, and would not have to spend valuable soul winning time attending language school.

They can make an immediate impact

The Vongs know the Khmer language, and would not have to spend valuable soul winning time attending language school.

Cambodia is a Christ-starved Nation

God has called the Vong Family to Cambodia.

There is no doubt that it is the sovereign grace of God that spared Sara and his family from the communist regime of Pol Pot in Cambodia and allowed them to seek refuge in the United States of America. It has been His will all along. Now that Sara and his family have received the Gospel, and have grown in grace, it is now time to carry the Good News to the country of Cambodia.

The people are very open to the Gospel. Most Cambodians claim to be Theravada Buddhist; they do not necessarily practice Buddhism but believe it out of tradition. There are approximately 250 mosques in the country of Cambodia. The Mormons and Charismatics also have a growing number.

Unfortunately, there are only 25 independent fundamental Baptist churches in Cambodia. In order to reach the country, each church must average almost 600,000 membersbut the average church runs only 18 adult members! The need is great for soul winning, independent, fundamental Baptist churches to be planted.

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The Vong Family

Your Missionaries to Cambodia, Southeast Asia

Our Objectives

II Timothy 2:2



Here's what people have said about us:

  • Client

    Thank you for taking the time to consider the Vong family for support. I very highly recommend the Vong family as your missionaries to Cambodia. Sara and Neaty both came to our church as young people, were saved here, graduated from our Christian school, and were married here at our church. Sara graduated from Bible college in 2003 and Neaty in 2004. Sara currently serves as our Khmer Pastor, Pacific Baptist School Junior High and High School department coordinator, and church graphics designer. Neaty has also taught part time at PBS while being a great mother to their 4 beautiful children.

    I recommend the Vong family for many reasons including their faithfulness to the Lord and His work, love for people, godly family, loyalty, and so much more, but I specially would like to point out the fact that God has blessed the Vongs with a cultural heritage that will greatly benefit God's work for their lives in Cambodia. Both Sara and Neaty are Cambodian. They know the language and culture; Sara can also read and write the Khmer language. Missionaries always have a struggle with cultural adjustments and many return because of their inability to do so. I believe that the Vong family will be able to adjust well and begin ministry as soon as they get to the field because of their being raised in Cambodian homes. This will be a huge asset to their ministry in Cambodia.

    The people of Cambodia need the Vong family to come and share the gospel with them. I highly recommend this couple to you. With no language training or major culture shock, a great track record of fruitfulness in the ministry, and a strong desire to reach their people, I don't think you would want to miss this opportunity to support this godly young family. The harvest is plenteous, and the laborers are few. May the Lord bless you as you prayerfully consider supporting the Vong family, willing laborers for his harvest in a gospel-starved land.

    - Pastor Joe Esposito, Pacific Baptist Church-Long Beach, CA
  • Client

    Periodically, I have the privilege of writing letters of recommendation for men and women entering the gospel ministry. What an incredible blessing it is to know that each of those letters represents the furtherance of God's work; but that blessing is doubled today, knowing that my letter to you recommends a remarkable young couple-Sara and Neaty Vong.

    As students and later graduates of Golden State Baptist College (Sara in 2003, Neaty in 2004), these young people maintained a godly testimony, evidenced in their personal integrity and commitment to their training for the ministry. This aspect of their character only flourished after graduation and manifests itself in all areas of their lives--whether it is in raising a family for God; serving at the great Pacific Baptist Church in Long Beach, California, as they have for the past nine years; or preparing to serve in the land of Cambodia.

    Trust me, Pastor--Sara and Neaty Vong are worthy candidates of your support. Please join our church as we support them, not only with our finances but also, more importantly, with our prayers. If you have any questions, please feel free to call my office at (408)988-8881 or send me an e-mail at God bless you.

    - Pastor Jack Trieber, North Valley Baptist Church-Santa Clara, CA

  • Client

    I have been privileged to know the Vong family for nearly twenty years. It has been our joy to see God mold their lives for His purposes. I vividly recall visiting Brother Vong's family several times a week when he was in elementary school and seeing the many idols and Buddhist altars in their home. My wife and I used to pick up Mrs. Vong and her sister for church every Sunday morning when she was just a young girl. She also comes from a background that was steeped in paganism and idolatry. We praise the Lord that both Sara and Neaty trusted Christ as young people and were turned from darkness to light! Since their salvation we have never seen them stray back into the world. Their unwavering testimony has been one of the reasons why nearly all of Brother Vong's extended family is saved and faithfully serving the Lord. Brother and Mrs. Vong have always taken the initiative to joyfully serve wherever there was a need.

    Over the past several years in addition to teaching and administraing in the Christian school, Brother Vong has been greatly used in the Khmer speaking ministry of Pacific Baptist Church. He is able to effectively preach in the Khmer language. His ability to read the language puts him years ahead of nearly every missionary who has come to Cambodia. I have been working with the Khmer people since 1984 and I don't believe I have ever known a Khmer couple who is more spiritually, emotionally, and financially stable than the Vong family. The ministry experience that both Sara and Neaty have gained while serving at Pacific Baptist Church will prove invaluable here on the foreign field as they win their own people to the Lord and plant churches. One of the most valuable gifts that the Vong family will bring to this country is their stable testimony; their godly family will stand out as a light in this dark nation. I have no doubt that we will see God do amazing things through this young couple in the years to come. We need to do all that we can to see this family reach the field as soon as possible. They will be able to immediately win souls and disciple believers; there will be no need to spend years learning the language and culture.

    I unreservedly recommend the Vong family for your prayerful consideration. Should the Lord lead you to be a part of their efforts I believe that they will have fruit that remains to your account.

    - Missionary Dave Board, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Client

    It is a great joy to send this recommendation for Bro. and Mrs. Sara Vong. It has been my joy to observe the faithful spirit and service of Bro. Vong. He and his wife have an exemplary testimony and are "top shelf" servants. I have great confidence in their calling and their commitment to the cause of Jesus Christ. They will continue their faithful service in Cambodia reaching people just as they have done here in the Khmer language. They are quality people, they are gifted people, they are trustwoıthy people and they are the kind of missionaries that will yield eternal dividends to those who invest in them.

    Please allow them to present themselves as your servants for Christ's sake. Any favor extended to them will be done so without regret.

    - Pastor John Wilkerson, First Baptist Church-Hammond, IN


The Vong Family

Our Children

"Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord..." Psalm 127:3

We became a family July 3, 2004

God has blessed us with a tremendous church that preaches and emphasizes much on the family. We are blessed to have been married for eight years and anticipate God using our family in Cambodia. The vision that God has for us is a multi-generational one. We pray that God will continue to use our family for the furtherance of the Gospel in Cambodia, Southeast Asia.

  • TITUS - Birthday: March 27

  • Tyler - Birthday: NOVEMBER 18

  • Lydia - Birthday: OCTOBER 13

  • Tad - Birthday: JULY 5

  • Timothy - Birthday: August 13

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